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Not Easily Resolved, It's Better to Prevent Acne Early on with Thyme Extract

Acne is not only annoying when it appears, but can also leave acne scars that ruin the appearance. To get rid of it, certainly requires considerable effort and funds. So, not just looking for ways to get rid of pimples, but you should also have the best way to prevent acne from the beginning, so that the skin remains smooth and clean. Using a cleanser containing thyme extract, routinely using a moisturizer and exercising diligently, are some ways you can do to prevent acne.

Benefits of Thymo-T Essence Cleaner (TT)

The first step that can be done to avoid the appearance of pimples on the face is to clean your face regularly at least twice a day. This process will remove impurities that stick to the face, dead skin cells and oil on the surface of the skin, which often causes acne. But in cleaning the face, pay attention to facial cleansers that are used. Avoid facial cleansing soap that contains chemicals that are too harsh, to avoid skin irritation and inflammation. Use facial cleansers that can work with the skin to deal with problems and causes of acne. A natural facial cleanser containing Thymo-T Essence (TT) can be an option. Research shows, herbal plants derived from the mint family have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. So that Thymo-T Essence (TT) is able to prevent the emergence and return of pimples on facial skin.

Tips for Overcoming and Preventing Acne

In addition to diligently cleaning your face, some of the following ways you might try to do in an effort to overcome acne and prevent it from reappearing:
  • Avoid holding the face area

  • The habit of touching the face or leaning on the chin can increase the risk of acne appearing on the face. This is related to the spread of bacteria from the hands that spread on the face, causing infections and inflammation of the skin. In addition, never squeeze pimples because they can cause scarring and infection.
  • Keep skin moist

  • Most anti-acne products contain ingredients that dry the skin, so it is important to use a moisturizer after washing your face. In choosing an anti-acne product, look for it with a non-comedogenic label because it does not cause the appearance of acne during its use. In addition to facial cleansers, moisturizers that contain Thymo-T Essence (TT) can also help prevent acne from reappearing. Use this moisturizer after washing your face thoroughly.
  • Take advantage of sunscreen

  • Sunlight can cause inflammation and redness of the skin, especially if you use anti-acne medications such as retinoic acid. For that, use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 within 20 minutes before traveling out of the house. Choose a sunscreen product that is made from non-comedogenic. SPF is also important for everyday use, to ward off the bad effects that can be caused by excessive exposure to ultraviolet light on the skin.
  • Avoid using excessive makeup

  • The use of excessive makeup can actually trigger acne on the face. If you must use make up, make sure that the selected cosmetics are oil-free, without coloring and other chemicals that can trigger acne. Do not forget to always clean your face after wearing makeup.
  • Stop smoking

  • Nicotine contained in cigarettes can increase the buildup of sebum and dead skin cells on facial skin. Thus accelerating the formation of blackheads that can clog facial pores and trigger acne.
  • Regular exercise

  • The benefits of regular exercise are apparently also good for skin health, because it can accelerate blood circulation. So that the supply of oxygen and other nutrients needed by the skin is fulfilled properly.
Reducing stress, maintaining a healthy diet, increasing drinking water and getting enough rest are also important to prevent acne. Usually acne will improve after the age of 25 years, but some people can experience permanent acne, especially if they have risk factors such as genetic factors, medications such as long-term corticosteroids or hormonal therapy, and live in a humid climate. Fighting acne is often considered tricky to do. However, if you want to avoid acne problems and treatments that drain the bag, start cleaning your face regularly. Choose a cleansing agent that suits your skin type. You can choose facial cleansing products containing Thymo-T Essence (TT) to treat acne and prevent acne from returning. However, if pimples still appear or get worse, consult your doctor to get the right treatment.


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